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The solution focused toolkit Podcast - Episode 16

That solution focused brief therapy approach, I don't get it mate!
From experience this is a fairly common reaction form other services or those outside the 'cult'

They see the results and are often stunned by them but should we really care whether they get it or not? In this podcast I talk about my own experience and suggest we shouldn't really care. Having said that I have the solution focused approach in my veins so very often my response is the same as with any client.
I'm the curious inquisitor, I want you to tell me why and how you don't get how the solution focused approach works. I'd be curious as to what you think might work better?

Perhaps a problem expert, highly qualified in other peoples lives with a store of answers and numerous qualifications?

As always I'm never right but love to hear your thoughts.

Have fun and please thank you for the questions and we will keep addressing them as we go.

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