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Pam Grout will believe me

"If you agree to become guest on my podcast then I can't promise you'll sell a million books."

The fact that I wrote these words in my email to Pam and she still agreed to talk to me only increased my admiration for her work. In fact if you are one of those closet woo woo people who believe in the law of manifestation then who better to come out to than Pam herself.

Pam has written 20 books and countless articles for publishing royalty including, Family Circle, CNN, Washington Post and many more.

Her book E-Squared (one of my favourites) topped the New York Times bestseller list and has been translated into 40 languages.

There's a video version of our brief chat on our podcast channel or the podcast website under the video menu if your finding this elsewhere.

I guess you're also wanting to find out more about Pam and her work. Click below to go to her website and check out the books and free fun things to add a smile to your day.