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#013 Questions, question, questions in sfbt


Questions, questions, questions in SFBT. I passionately believe that our role when using the solution focused approach is to be the curious inquisitor. To resist offering solutions at all costs and to use our curiosity to probe the problem from new angles. Out of that curiosity will come the clients own solution.
If this is true then everything we do is about questions or in the words of 
Thomas S. Kuhn
“The answers you get depend on the questions you ask.”
In this episode I wanted to break down some of the top ten categories of questions. Not so we can learn them but to be aware of them and to ask ourselves as we speak with our clients.
The people we train work in social care professions and they are not therapists but they want to help their own clients live better lives by using the solution focused approach.
Have fun and please thank you for the questions and we will keep addressing them as we go.
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Thanks and keep your questions coming, thanks for being there