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100 things to do before breakfast.

Since I began people geeking I've been reading books, watching YouTube and listening to podcasts by the guru's, the masters of change. I recently became fascinated by that subliminal backlog of life advice that in most cases I'd never followed. That was when I realised that there was a bloody lot of it.

Start your day with this and never do that, adding it all together would mean a hundred things to do before breakfast!

In retrospect I actually DID try some of it ,and it's stuck with me to this day but in the main the gurus have only managed to garner knowing nods of approval from me.

Getting up at 4am might make you as strong as the Rock, or as good a writer as Stephen King or as smart as Elon Musk. An ice cold shower might make me as vibrant as Anthony Robbins but...

I realise now that caution is needed, after all when they ask me how I became a great writer it won't be getting up at 4am, it will be write in service stations and lunch breaks. (Thanks for that Michael.)

The advice of others doesn't always fit into our lives and in the main, the ones who really hold the secret to happiness are probably not too worried about telling us.

Most are too busy just being happy. The rest of the happy people are so happy they can't stop telling us, and what could be worse if your not?

Still I hope you like my subliminal check list for a successful life.