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The Action Factory Podcast

They say studying the mind is like a finger trying to point to itself.

This is where we talk about and to the most interesting people on the planet. The homeless, the achievers, the experts, the victims and the perpetrators of life.
After 9 years on FM radio I've never lost interest in what others have to teach us.

Recent Episodes

Dec. 21, 2022

#128 Pam Grout will believe me.

"If you agree to become guest on my podcast then I can't promise you'll sell a million books." The fact that I wrote these words in my email to Pam and she still agreed to talk to me only increased …

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Dec. 6, 2022

#127 - Life on the streets

We are all familiar with the Big Issue vendors on the streets of our cities. I was privileged to talk to a few of them in Manchester UK. The Big Issue magazine is now worldwide and provides a legal income …

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Dec. 3, 2022

#126 Remove the problem not the solution

One of our favourite NLP mantras which in most cases is true. "The problem you have now was once the solution to another problem." A sure fire bit of wisdom and it was interesting to hear Rich Rolls mention this …

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Nov. 30, 2022

#125 100 things to do before breakfast

Since I began people geeking I've been reading books, watching YouTube and listening to podcasts by the guru's, the masters of change. I recently became fascinated by that subliminal backlog of life advice that in most cases I'd never followed. …

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Nov. 27, 2022

#124 Ray Edwards - Quad amputee, climb Kilimanjaro? Hold my beer.

Ray Edwards is getting himself ready to climb Kilimanjaro. At 19500 ft it's a challenge for any climber but Ray is a quadruple amputee. When we spoke he was able to describe the circumstances that brought him here and his …

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Nov. 12, 2022

#123 British Legion

Welcome to the Action Factory Podcast - We are expats living here in France and one thing we notice that's honoured here in Europe is Armistice day. Nothing moves on the day and in our rural area most shops and …

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About the Host

Michael DawsonProfile Photo

Michael Dawson


Michael has authored numerous fictional works for stage, page and film.
He achieved top ten status in the UK by industry which helped him pursue his real passion for people. This was apparent during his ten years on FM radio in the UK where he had conversations with rock stars, business giants, politicians and everyday heroes.
He's spent decades in the social care system both as a customer and an employee.
His company The Action Factory developed the Solutions Toolkit, a framework for working with young people.
His non fiction books include 12 Fat Ladies - A diet supplement for the mind and The Solutions Toolkit - A framework for working with young people.
He hosts the Action Factory Podcast which more than fulfils his need to learn from everyone.